Accellera Taiwan Forum for System Level Verification & Design

April 21, 2017
9:00am - 5:30pm

Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu, Room 10F
188 Section 2, Chung-Hwa Road, Hsinchu City

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The 2016 movie "Passengers" portrays a future of space travel. Sleeping in a dormant state for 120 years, the crew and passengers journey through the universe relying on a spacecraft entirely controlled by artificial intelligence. One can barely imagine the scale of effort in design and verification that would need to be conducted before such machines could ever be trusted by humans. Obviously today we see only the slim light of dawn of the massive applications of AI. Already the Tesla autopilot vehicles and the AlphaGo 40 winning streaks over human masters brings us a glimpse of the very near future. As such, the Accellera Verification and System Level Design Forum, Taiwan looks into technologies flourishing in the past 5 years that push the success of multiple-core SoC, and now pushing the progress of the IoT, fog computing and edge computing.

This Forum is a unique event in Taiwan. Major EDA vendors work together to introduce current status and trends in IC verification and design technologies. Attendees can learn from the combined know-how of the EDA industry. Dennis Brophy, the Vice Chair of Accellera will give an update to its ongoing standards work. Dr. Kazutoshi Wakabayashi, a well-known figure in the Japan industry and academy, illustrates how Japan professionals and researchers utilize High Level Synthesis to realize IoT and AI applications in FPGA. Three tutorials are featured to introduce the latest concepts and technologies in SoC verification, high level synthesis and the currently developing standard for portable stimulus. A special session by major EDA vendors will provide a look at unique methodologies in IC design and verification.

The Forum is open to all interested parties with no registration fee. Lunch is provided. Seats are limited so reserve your seat online quickly (on-site registration will not be available). The check-in counter will close at 9:30AM so please make sure to check-in before 9:30AM to pick up your lunch ticket and free parking stamp.

Organized by:
Alan P. Su, PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor
EE Dept., NCKU


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